From the recording 44 MORE NU-MIXX




Bitch I been growing and know
Imma blow like a geyser
Yeah, I'm like no other guys here
Write all my lyrics
They give me the credit
Don't need a co-signer
They say they say
Socially distance if playing this
It's logic this remix is sicker than Covid
Spinnin' ya head a mile a minute
And while I'm up in it
With style I'm winnin'

Servin' you up just like a subpoena
I'm like your top 5 but a little bit meaner
Got a different demeanor
Make it rain hail Caesar
Nonstop hip hop
Drip-droppin the heaters
Gonna gotta gotta god damn gonna get it
Shit, took a step back
Took a second it was needed
Bein' new and bein' in it
Knew if I was gonna bring it
That perfecting my craft had to be my everything and

Never gonna stop this
You're never gonna not miss
Don't ever try to top this
I'll shut you down like a faucet
Hugo I'm the boss
You don't like I call the shots
You gon' pass just like a thought
You know you're a fr-fr-fraud (powered down sound)

Nonstop talk, never in stock
Drawin' off bottled up dreams
Finna pop off
hip hop's cream of the crop
Non stop
Ain't none of you knock offs cut from the same cloth (nah)

I done made plenty bad decisions
Putting me in bad positions
D.A.'s prey
I fit descriptions
Everybody's got opinions
Spend every penny preventing convictions
Attorney's be swaying the jury's opinions
Or doing whatever it takes
Just so long as they never say
Who the fuck are we kidding
How much time we gonna give him
He don't need bail
You know he gon' fail
And even before he beginning
My issues gotta be fixed
I need some help
I don't need jail for this
Why are there guys doin' time
All for non violent offenses
No I cannot fuck with that sh!t
No I cannot fuck with that

Who you know kickin' some ass in Iraq
On that .50 cal duckin' bullets and mortar blasts
Watching mothuh fuckuhs get bagged and tagged
In Baghdad
But somehow made it back
I'm a G like that
Imma be like that
I'm a bad mothuh fuckuh
When I be in combat
Got the medals and plaques
Combat infantry badge
Trained to pull the trigger
I'm a killer, no cap
Never fake it to take it
I make it
Ain't afraid of a record
I break it
Only one me
Don't you ever mistake it
You think you can hang
Well you're sadly mistaken

Hold up, roll up, no love, no fucks
No such luck
You better believe I never got a damn thing
Everything I got out the mud

I'm finna pop like confetti (I pop)
Unmatched drive like Andretti (skrtt)
Straight to the top I be heading
Ain't seen my best cuz you ain't ready (nah)
I'm calling shots like Babe Ruth
Hook up with thots like Bluetooth
If this ain't a good enough rhyme to get signed
Then I don't know what is to tell you the truth

I'm going up on billboards
Hot 100 and in Forbes
Anybody gonna stand in my way
Feel recoil not remorse
Making stacks like cha-ching
Cha-ching ching ching ching ching ching ching (cash register sound)
Hugh Hefner that playboy
I don't fuck around don't play boy
Fuck now gettin' paid boy
You played out like a Gameboy
I'm still independent
My style be trending
The bitches be loving the message I'm sending
You may not have known
But don't be forgetting
I'm the event
You're the honorable mention

Motor Mouth