1. ADIOS

From the recording ADIOS



You said I cant
You were wrong
You doubted me
And my songs
Now they blaring on your
Radio radio

Now you're down on your knees
You're no longer the king
I took your crown
And I'm on your throne
on your throne

Final Hook:

Now you're down on your knees
And it's all cuz of me
I took your crown
King of audio

Verse 1

The world is mine
Theres nothing that I cant have
Put in the time
If I want it Imma manifest that

Spent most my life
Always watching from the sidelines
Use my minds eye
And fantasize what itd be like

To have a mom and a dad
Not be the new kid in class
Or getting laughed at for
free lunch and food Stamp

And as I grew up
I never knew love
But that's ok
Drew from the pain
Used it to Fuel up

Verse 2

that's my name
You got me bumping through your speakers
Feel me coursing through your veins
Now now now

See times have changed
And if you're where I was
Before my buzz
Before the love
Now shown so much of
Keep your head up head up

No one but you can change your fate
You'll make mistakes
Along the way
And that's ok
Create the path you'll take
But watch for snakes

At first they laugh
And doubt your ass
Which turns to hate
And stabs your back
You work real hard
But never quit
And when you win
They want the credit