1. Back The F Up

From the recording Next Level



Hold on
Wait a minute
Back the fuck up
Are you for real

Hold on
Wait a minute
Back the fuck up
Bitch you got me fucked up

Verse 1

As a kid
All I ever wanted was a dad (hi son)
To teach me how to be a man
Something that I never had (nah)

But I made it
Id Create a way to change it
Help myself to face it
Place it
Man I really fuckin made it (wooo)

But no thanks to you
But I was there
In the other room
Sippin on a drink or two
At the wet whistle bar at noon
Day our bathroom sink blew (psshhh)
You was chasin tail
While we was chasing you (whistle)

For what its worth I'm fine
Down in SoCal
Workin on this track of mine (errruh)
Steppin in to the lime light
I wanna shine
So bright
You finally proud to say I'm yours
But I wont reply your mine this time (noooo)

The Steve DuBeau show
Is finally over you gotta go (see ya)
And I'm at peace with
The fact its the path you chose (where you goin)
How its aired this long I'll never know
Cuz every time we tried to rehearse
You was a no show (damn)

Verse 2

Hey Mouth
Let me borrow hundred bucks bro
I promise pay you back
In a day or two or so

I ain't got it (nope)
But you just got paid yo (the fuck)
I ain't even check my bank
How the fuck you know

Never hit me up
Less its 1st of the month
Then you call relentlessly
Cuz you know I'll pick up (hello)
Like Im a chump
Like I dont know what's what (huh)
At least give me some lube
If you gonna take me up the (what)

Us big boys gonna eat
Bout to have a feast (mmmm)
You eat wit with the kiddies
That is, If you can find a seat (hahaha)

The leaches
Bottomfeeding creatures (rawr)
That's why zoos
Wont ever let you fuckin feed em

Verse 3

She was the one
Was Really really really fun (hi)
Firm titties
Shaved kitty (meow)
What a pity
Dumb cunt (ouch)

Cant believe you pulled them damn stunts
Damn hon
Had me fooled
Pulled the wool
Snatched my daughter and my son (come here)

Must of forgot
You went to rehab too
Caught your lying ass cheating
With an ugly ass dude (uhhh uhhhh)

Turns out he was a dealer
Popped for dope
A few times
Then you went back home
And fucked your best friends guy (what a winner)

Running weed over the border
Smokin ish wit your friends
Say you're sober now
But the drinking never ends (glug glug)

I'm a dead beat
Say I never do shit
In case you didnt notice
Finna prove you wrong bih (oh)

If the games don't stop
Imma squawk like a parrot (parrot squawk)
Hand the radio your dirty laundry
So they can fuckin air it (haha)

I said
Dirty laundry
So they can fuckin' air it (just a warning)