1. Move

From the recording Next Level



Step to the side
Get outta line
My time to shine (yeah)

Step to the side
Get outta line
My time to shine (yeah)

Step to the side
Get outta line
My time to shine (yeah)

Step to the side
Get outta line (yo)

Verse 1

Step to the side
I'm finna rise
My time to shine (yeah)

Like to invite
All of you guys
Along for the ride (uh)

I'm changing my life
I'm done with polite
I'm done bein nice (ohhh)

Whenever I write
Whenever I rhyme
Its what's on my mind

No one is safe
Takin' the reins out the way
That restrain what I say now

And I pray for your sake
Got the brains to escape
Usin' words like a blade (ow)

Repayin' the pain
I was paid since the day
That my mother was slain (wow)

Controlling my fate
Making my way
Heading straight for hall of Fame now

Calling on the rain man
A rain dance
For fame and
Economic Advance
To enhance the chance
Imma make it in this game man

So get out the way man
Best listen what I say man
Bringin' the heat
I'm on a hot streak
Finna straight murder this beat just like a hit man


Verse 2

Call me dad
Cuz Imma take you to school
Bring your backpack

It's really sad
You want skill when you rap
But you lack that (uh)

Half Assed
Toss you to the side
Like a rough draft

No swag
Feel bad that your fans
All have to look past that

Makin' it rain in my bank
By creating new ways
For the game to be played

The best on display
Best part of a day
Best believe when I say

Im givin' my best to the rap scene
Pretend I'm a taxi
And hop in the back seat

Cuz I'm taking control
This drive inside
Just wont let me go

As it takes ahold
Of my body and soul
Pistol with a full load
Cocked back ready to go
Outta control
Super charged and
Motor mouth explodes

Finna be stickin' and rippin' in to ya flaws a
Surprise from a southpaw
Imma surround y'all
with a bit of quick
with a bigger dick
with a bitter chip
ready to evict
Anything that is
Standing demanding in my way what I say
set it straight every day always paid self made
Imma be candid understand that
Nothing been handed or granted to me
Enemy and venomy epitomy of victory I validate the very thing I'm vindicating endlessly
Uh Tickety tock look at my clock cuz I'm ready to rickety rock words like a glock for hip hop


I tried so hard to warn you
But you just refuse to do
What it is that would have saved you
Best step to the side you're through