1. Orchestrated

From the recording Next Level



Its all orchestrated
This is my master plan
Shit keeps me motivated
It's just who I am

Its all orchestrated
This is my master plan
Shit keeps me motivated
It's just who I am

Verse 1

Who am I

All of my rhymes
Are endless

Vegas & I

Not A Surprise

Working nonstop with these tracks
I’m learning the game and fast
And all you haters that laugh
Can suck my dick I’ll remember that

Never been the type of guy to ever call it quits

Failing aint an option never was and never is

Type of guy that goes all in you never bet against

Around the clock I never stop I'm always gonna win

Im on the rise
Aint gonna fall
Above the law
Above it all
Vibing with fans
To the beats
God damn
Heading up through the ranks
From the jump it was all planned


Verse 2

Cant explain how this feels
This shits Surreal
My track on the radio
My own
No record deal

Back in the booth
Giving tracks some oomf
These beats brand new
Never know what Im finna do

No where to go but up now
Nothing can make me slow down
Want all of my shows to be sold out
Platinum plan we know how

Steppin out onto the stage
Screaming my name
Never the same
Addicted to fame
Addict of the game
Adrenaline came
And straight through my veins

A blueprint
Straight get you through it
Get movin
You best pursue it

We vibing
Skrt skrt we driving
So high man
Like I'm skydiving

Claimin my stake in
The game and
Im making my name
Take its place in
Hip hop hall of fame
The way I dont break
I take all of the hate
Bein thrown in my way
Give it no time of day

Aint got no ceiling

Best thing that you seen

A Dream Team
Quite possibly be

The best thing
New on the rap scene

Verse 3

Back with an attitude
Back and I am approved
Backed by the absolute
Back and Im gonna do

Whatever it takes
To continue to stay
On this path that I make
And I just need to take

One day at a time
One rhyme and one line
It seems like the harder i try
It unfolds and I know where to go
Damn I'm outta control
Damn this white boy can flow
Welcome to the Motor Mouth show