1. Next Level

From the recording Next Level



This Is next level
This shit is next level
Yeah its the next level
When you want it so bad
You'd sell your soul to the devil

Yeah its the next level
This shit is next level
Its the next level
When you want it so bad
You'd sell your soul to the devil

Verse 1

This shit is vicious
Hit you hard like amphetamines

And my renditions
Like nothing you ever heard or seen

Its fictitious
If you think you're the same as me

You repetitious
I could rep you in sets of 3

Supersonic Iconic
Like im that god from the comics
From Krypton
And his chest
Sport an S on it

Cock it pull it
Speeding bullet
Catch him bullshit
Motor Mouth
Is spazzing Out
so quick he flip ya gun around and c-c-pow

Got a Passion for rap
This didnt fall into my lap
Like I was sitting on my ass
I gave all that I have
To ensure I never give you trash

And finally I can see
That chasing all these hopes and dreams
Can be reality

I go from broke and lacking
To stacking bags and flashing
Keeping up on fashion
Got people hashtagging

I'm comparable to none
Im the big swinging dick
And barely even getting started son


Verse 2

I'm exploding
Yeah I'm bursting at the seams

No control
Damn Vegas it's this fuckin beat

Ain't a soul I know
That wont agree with me

Like someone only looking up
I'll never see defeat (haha)

Gifted with a pad and a pencil

Coupled with a dope ass beat

I live for this hip hop scene

Test me if you dont believe

I fought a lot
For this shot
For this spot
For every fan I got
So you best get rid of any thoughts

That I'mma drop the ball
Leave you hanging let you fall
I'd rather go through withdrawal
Than let you down at all (ugh)

Got me feeling lit
Got me feeling hyped

Done Told you once
Done Told you twice
A thousand times

This shit is orchestrated
Not a thing is accidental
Stop at nothing to succeed
Until I'm intercontinental