1. I Want It All

From the recording I Always Rise


Verse 1

I was 17 it was 2002
Had ambitions through the roof
with the balls to follow through

Money to make
Bitches to screw
Muscle to build
Running a crew
Sick of used
I wanted new

Setting up shop, I
Had nothing to lose
From bottom to the top
My dreams I'd pursue, I
Couldn't be stopped
I was gonna drop
Whatever the cost
Because I'd paid my dues

I knew what I wanted
Wanted all that I knew
And I could feel deep in my gut
Just what it was
I was called to do
Born to exceed
I surpass you with ease
Overthrowing the weak and
Known for conquering kings

Give me the best
Then Best give me some more
Never settle for less
Unless I'm settling scores, I'm
Conscious of moves
Movin consciously forward
I'm playing the game
Like I created the sport


A Vecitrical force
I’m Vegas Endorsed
Been to war
Shed some blood and more
Beat all that have come before

Doing the impossible
It's plausible I'm causing trouble
outta control

Sold my soul, my heart is cold
In pieces
No longer whole
A legend I'm bold
A league of my own

A lot of you thought that
I'd self destruct and erupt
You doubted my raps
Busted my ass to blow up
You sat back and laughed
Reality struck
Now you bumpin my tracks
I sit back and get my dick sucked (haha)

Inspired to write
When I'm dreaming of this
I hold my head high and I'm
Capable of all of it
And to my fans
Who are playing my songs
You gave me a place to belong
Just know that I'm coming strong

I want it all
Leave nothin behind
Money and fame
Super Cars and dressed to the nines
Sexin up women
All dimes of every kind
Yeah I want it all
You got yours and
This is my time