From the recording I Always Rise



Our best of days
And mistakes we made
Only thing that stays the same is they both become our yesterdays

In such a rush
We never seem to make enough
Time to enjoy all of the good that’s right here in front of us

Verse 1

Cat calls
Chasin tail in the halls
On the courts playin ball
Wit the homies
Blaring Biggie Smalls
Went through Changes wit Pac
Da Boogey Boogey da ba wit Kid Rock
Shock the block with ya C Walk

Still remember the day
Slim Shady taught me his name
I was all about the Benjamins
Diddy and Mase

Big pimpin if your beep got a page
you hit the phone bank
California Love
Tupac N Dre

And Hard knock life
Was the hype
Eminem Blew our minds
Changed the game
Way he spit his rhymes

Spent hours a day
Creatin screen names
In yahoo chatrooms ICQ & AIM


Verse 2

Finally 18 startin college first year
Say goodbye to your momma
Wipe away her happy tears

bitches and booze
Throwin parties makin moves
Knowin who's who
Lose the old you
Reinvent the new

Cant wait
Set the date for spring break
At the beach catchin rays
Fiending booties in bikinis while they shake
Life was great
Was cake
Wake and bake would create a
Debateable mistake
Gave a damn about my grades

Midnight car cruise
Late night drive thrus
Impulse tattoos
Tryin not to Puke
From all the bud and the booze
Then Make moves
to get laid in your dorm room


Verse 3

Remember bbq's
Sunny days
Sippin cold brews
While you played
Bachi ball with your whole crew

Theres always that one
In the whole group
Dont ever wanna lose
Despite the stupid shit they do
At the end of the day
The hard truth
Find yourself in a bind
And they always come through for you

Never laughed so hard
Never hurt so much
Never felt so free
Never felt so stuck

Never seemed to learn from others mistakes
Got your momma stayin up late
Prayin that youd be ok

Now your kids do the same thing
Pay backs a bitch
Cuz some things’ll never change