From the recording I Always Rise



Got No strength left from this game
Exert it all each day I play
Come too far I'm on my way
Yeah I'm fightin’ hard

My backs against the ropes again
The odds are stacked against my win
So I dig deep and rise again
Yeah I'm fightin’ fightin’ hard

I been running
I been struggling
I been fighting hard

I been running
I been struggling
I been fighting hard

I been running
I been struggling
I been fighting hard

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Verse 1

I've been getting buried
Trying hard to get my music off
To gain your favor
Try to savor
Moments fore they're lost

You say you're riding wit me
That you have from the beginning
Problem is you didn't exist
Until I signed with Darren Vegas

I'm finally winning (yeah)
I'm finally living giving
Mission convincing you
Im just what you been missin listen

Its bittersweet
Your love and hate for me
Give me a beat
Mix in some heat
Ignite a fire you cant defeat
Crown me king

Gaining haters twice as fast as my fans
This was my plan
Your girly gossip
Tells the world Who I am

But talk is cheap
So if you really fuck wit me
Bump my music
Sport my merch
Tell your friends
Lets do this thing


Verse 2

Day and night I got these lyrics runnin through my head
Cant sleep no time to eat
Keeps me awake at night in bed

So hungry to succeed completely
in this industry
I'm willing to do anything thats asked of me
I got no boundaries

I'd sell my soul
At least what's left
Guess that depends on if
that shit's still even wanted - yeah

You can take it to the bank
That I'll promote my name
And escalade
Up through the ranks
Smack haters face with accolades

Come too far to call it quits
Invested every ounce of will in this
Got nothin left
I went all in
Im gonna win

Set apart from the rest
Being taught by the best
Not trying to flex
But I suggest you reassess
Your respect